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How To Draw Awesome How To Draw Awesome

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I googled "itnotreal_pro" and didn't find the program, can you give me a link?

</sarcasm> Nice animation, I liked it :D

Girlchan in Paradise Ep2 Girlchan in Paradise Ep2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was really funny.
I'm guessing that this is some sort of satire on the English dubs of Japanese anime?
Either way it's epic.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done!

Epic song = +3
Great character design = +3
Good story = +2
Christ-centered message = +3

Stiff/weird walking = -1
So 10/10

Nice to see that there still are some decent flashes out there with good meanings and Christian messages. And it's also nice to see that I'm not the only Christian on NewGrounds :P

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Dead Space Invaders Dead Space Invaders

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was fantastic. I definitely wasn't ready for the human ship to start shooting freakin' death rays :P Very funny.

Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

:O Awesome game!

To fix the error of "bad data" you just need to edit the code so it's all in one block, without hard returns. Also, if you want a challenge, beat this:

w_w:460,373.35|w_w:459.9,263.35|w_s:4 78.3,371.65|w_s:496.65,371.7|w_s:479.
9,263.35|w_s:498.35,263.3|w_i:515,371 .65|w_i:515,263.35|w_i:531.65,369.9|w _i:530,261.65|w_i:530,156.6|w_i:516.6 5,156.65|w_s:496.7,156.6|w_s:480,156.
548.3,261.55|w_i:566.7,258.25|w_i:548 .35,371.65|w_i:566.7,371.65|fl_i:495,
63.35|fl_i:495,83.3|fl_i:495,73.3|p_c :403.35,33.3|p_c:420,33.3|w_i:421.65,
373.35|w_i:401.65,373.35|w_i:401.65,2 53.35|w_i:421.7,255|w_i:401.65,135|w_
i:418.35,135|w_i:626.7,371.65|w_i:645 ,143.3|w_i:645,251.7|w_i:645,368.35|w _i:661.7,143.3|w_i:663.35,254.95|w_i:
661.7,373.35|w_i:606.7,373.35|w_i:586 .7,373.35|w_i:585,254.95|w_i:586.7,13 8.3|w_i:605,256.65|w_i:625,258.35|w_i :605,143.3|w_i:625,141.6|c_k:769.9,38 8.4|c_s:821.7,266.6|c_s:983.35,121.65 |c_s:918.35,120|c_s:728.4,265|c_s:763 .35,265.05|c_s:793.35,265|c_s:956.65,
121.7|w_i:865,366.65|w_i:845,366.65|w _i:678.35,365|w_i:696.7,365|fl_i:773.
240.05|w_i:675,240|w_i:865.05,241.7|w _i:845,240|fl_i:773.4,176.65|c_n:731.
133.2|fl_i:1001.65,355.05|ws_i:906.65 ,391.65|ws_i:923.35,391.7|ws_i:1076.7 ,391.6|ws_i:1093.3,391.7|ws_i:941.7,3 91.7|ws_i:960,391.65|ws_i:976.65,391.
65|ws_i:993.35,391.65|ws_i:1010,391.6 5|ws_i:1028.4,391.65|ws_i:1045.05,391 .65|ws_i:1061.65,391.65|w_i:865,104.9 5|w_i:845.05,103.35|w_i:681.7,104.95|
i:776.55,21.5|fl_i:776.65,33.4|fs_i:6 30,76.6|fs_i:630,66.65|w_i:885,368.35 |w_i:885.05,243.35|w_i:886.7,91.65|fl _i:979.95,165|w_i:1070.05,286.6|ws_i:
1070,198.35|ws_i:1051.7,200|ws_i:1033 .35,198.3|w_i:1033.35,286.65|w_i:1051 .7,288.35|w_i:1013.4,288.35|ws_i:1013 .35,198.35|c_q:813.35,383.35|c_p:728.
4,384.9|c_n:346.65,386.7|w_i:1071.7,9 5|w_i:1051.7,96.6|w_i:1010,96.6|w_i:1 030.05,96.6|fl_i:978.35,28.35|fl_i:98 6.7,16.65|fl_i:984.95,5|f_i:921.7,176 .7|c_p:985,310|c_q:916.7,311.65|c_k:9 50,315|w_i:1091.7,288.35|w_i:1091.6,1 66.7|w_i:1113.35,356.65|w_i:1113.3,23 5|w_i:1113.35,111.65|w_i:1131.6,356.6 5|w_i:1151.7,355|w_i:1173.35,355|w_i:
233.35|w_i:1195,233.35|w_i:1215,233.3 5|w_i:1133.35,111.65|w_i:1153.35,113.
3|w_i:1175,111.65|w_i:1195.05,113.3|f l_i:1185.05,40|fl_i:1183.35,30|f_i:12 18.4,20|f_i:1128.35,20|f_i:956.6,426.
i:556.7,43.3|fl_i:553.35,31.65|ws_i:6 63.35,33.3|w_i:1215.05,113.3|fl_i:118 8.4,8.35|fl_i:1188.35,-3.4|fl_i:1188.
35,48.3|w_i:486.65,-35|w_i:508.35,-35 .05|w_i:529.9,-35|w_i:551.7,-35|w_i:5 71.7,-35.05|w_i:593.35,-35|w_i:615,-3 5|w_i:633.35,-35|fl_i:556.7,-103.35|w _i:466.7,-166.7|w_i:486.65,-166.7|w_i :503.35,-168.35|w_i:518.35,-171.7|w_i :535,-168.3|w_i:555.05,-170|w_i:575,-
168.35|w_i:596.7,-168.35|w_i:611.7,-1 68.35|w_i:631.7,-168.35|w_i:648.35,-1 66.7|fl_i:556.7,-233.35|p_t:825,-301.
3|w_i:693.35,-56.7|w_i:715.05,-56.7|w _i:735,-56.7|w_i:755,-56.65|w_i:776.7 ,-56.7|w_i:796.65,-56.7|w_i:818.35,-5 6.7|w_i:838.35,-56.7|w_i:860,-56.7|w_
-180|w_i:756.7,-180|w_i:778.35,-180|w _i:800,-180|w_i:820.05,-180|w_i:841.6 5,-180|w_i:863.35,-180|fl_i:773.4,-24 6.7|fl_i:658.4,-273.35|p_t:596.7,-311 .65|p_t:713.35,-311.7|fl_i:776.7,-256 .7|c_k:1038.4,-33.3|c_q:925.05,-41.7|
c_q:1139.95,-48.35|c_q:1000,-40|c_p:9 61.65,-38.35|c_p:1100,-51.7|c_p:1175,

Good job on the game, it was a lot of fun to play :D Keep up the good work!

Silent Hill: FR Silent Hill: FR

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well, it's awesome

I had quite a few "HOLY-SH*T-I-JUST-JUMPED-TEN-FEET" moments. Which was awesome. Only problem I have with it is that there's no checkpoint. Maybe you could make one when the siren goes off so that the player doesn't have to completely start over?

assjoe responds:

I probably should've done that, yeah. Thanks for playin' dude!

Recent Audio Reviews

Fight Knight Fight Knight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Bro. That was really good, man. It definitely works. I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with.

-.5 because the drums were a bit off at a couple points and because you could have brought that guitar out just a bit more.

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renew responds:

Hey, thanks for your response, as usual. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Untitled Untitled

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice. Different than your previous works for sure. I like it though. It's a bit busy, and could use a bit more mixing, but for just being a stress release song, pretty dang good.

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renew responds:

Thanks, bro!

Beneath the Surface Beneath the Surface

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice work, bro. You were a little pitchy a couple times, which is why I'm gonna give you a four. But for only taking an hour? Solid work. Seriously.

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renew responds:

Hey, thanks! Yeah, it's not perfect for sure. But I'm reasonably happy with it!